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Products can be purhased bagged, bulk or palletized. We deliver for a fee or you can pick up from our materials yard located at 600 North Bagdad in Leander. Below is a sampling of what we have available.  
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Sandy Loam - Good for backfill, new home sites and trees. 

Enriched Top Soil
- Sandy loam, compost and sand. New lawns, flower beds and leveling.

Flower and Garden Soil
- Great for flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.  Sand, compost, humates, wood, blended and screened.

Dillo Dirt
- City of Austin compost.  Grass clippings, brush and wastewater sludge.  Used for topdressing, establishing new lawns and flowerbeds.  NOT recommended for vegetable gardens.

Turkey Compost
- Turkey litter and straw.  Used for amending soils, controlling runoff and improving root growth.  Composted and screened.
SBCI Turf Mix
- 50/50 Compost and sand mix or blended to your specifications.  Great for topdressing lawns.

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Commercial & Residential Services
Cut Stone
Sand/Gravel - We carry Concrete, Masonry, Granite and Fill sand for various applications including drainage, leveling, stone work, backfill and recreation.

Crushed Granite
- Various sizes of crushed granite are great for driveways, pathways, soil mixes, patio and decoration.

River Rock
- Great for drainage, masonry, French drains, decoration and landscaping.  Sizes range from 3/8 inch to 3 foot in diameter.

Crushed Limestone -
Road base, screenings and various size rock.  Good for backfilling, drainage, septic systems, decoration and driveways.
Sandy Loam
Flower/Garden Soil
Native Topsoil
Turf Mix
Turkey Compost
Various Fill Materials
Mulches - Several types of Hill Country mulches used for erosion control, flowerbeds and decorations.  Texas Native Hardwood Mulch is great for flowerbeds and decoration.  Double grind and single grind cedar mulches are used for erosions control and walkways.  Texas living mulch is a compost and mulch mix used in flowerbeds and around trees for amending soils.

We also carry Firewood.
Cut Stone  - We have a large variety of cut and natural stone. We carry boulders for landscaping and decoration.  We have many types of cut stone, used for landscaping, building and masonry applications.

Limestone -
Hill Country limestone cut in various shapes and sizes.  Stone can be used to border flowersbeds, build retaining walls, outdoor patios and fire pits.

Leuder Stone -
Native West Texas stone cut in various shapes and sizes.  Applications include patios, counter tops, fence columns and building.  Sawed in various sizes to fit application.

- Hill Country native stone used for patios, and building applications.  Sandstone is also great for landscaping.

Blue Stone
- We have both blue field stone and blue honeycomb rock. 

Random Stone -
Various shapes and sizes for all sorts of applications.
Septic Rock
Concrete Sand
Crushed Granite Gravel
Crushed Granite
Masonry Sand
Pea Gravel
4" to 6" River Rock
Texas Native Hardwood Mulch
Red Hardwood Mulch
Double Grind Cedar Mulch
Sandstone Patio Stone
Chopped Limestone
Charcoal Blue Sawn Patio
Chocolate Sawn Patio Stone
Chopped Sandstone
Gray Leuder Sawn Patio Stone
Limestone Patio Stone
Sandstone Boulder
Builder Sandstone
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Trees and Plants - SBCI offers a variety of trees and plants.  We are currently focusing on several varieties of Oak trees along with drought tolerant and Texas Native plants.
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